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            Professional Development

            General Information

            MLA offers professional and career development opportunities and resources for practicing health sciences librarians, recent graduates, nurses, and others. Scroll down to learn more!

            Competencies for Professional Success

            MLA's Competencies for Lifelong Learning and Professional Success defines seven core competency areas needed by health sciences librarians. See recommendations for action by individuals, employers, and professional organizations.

            Webinars and Online Courses

            MLA offers webinars and online courses throughout the year on topics of interest that meet the demands of the health information professional. Register and participate in both live and recorded versions of these learning activities. See the most recent and upcoming webinars from MLA.

            Basic Statistics for Research Design

            By: Debra Cavanaugh | Jan 16

            Annual Meeting Continuing Education (CE)

            Join your colleagues for innovative and practical continuing education (CE) courses.  CE courses are a great way to learn new roles and stay at the forefront of the health information profession.

            Discussion Group Program

            Select a well-defined topic for a discussion group with other professionals and earn MLA continuing education (CE) contact hours for professional development.

            Independent Reading Program

            Read a pre-selected article from the Journal of the Medical Library Association, complete the online application and receive MLA CE contact hours.

            Illinois Continuing Education for Nurses (CNE)

            MLA is an Illinois Continuing Education Sponsor (License No. 236.000169). Courses approved for Illinois CNE serve Advanced Practice Nurses, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Practical Nurses in Illinois and other states.

            MLA has reviewed the nursing continuing educations requirements for all states to identify those that accept Illinois CNE. We urge you to confirm our interpretation of statutes by checking the nursing education requirements in your state, professional organization, or certifying body before assuming that an Illinois CNE course will serve your purpose.

            Find all courses approved for Illinois CNE in , our online course catalog. Please check back often, as the number of CNE courses will grow as more courses are approved.

            To learn more about our requirements for CNE presenters and how you or a colleague can apply for CNE approval please see How to Get Your Course Approved for MLA CE or Illinois CNE Credit.

            AHIP Credential: The Academy of Health Information Professionals

            Whether you are new to the profession or have been working in it for many years, the Academy has a membership level for you. Academy membership reflects the investment of time and effort required for exemplary professional performance.


            Complete an approved curriculum of courses and earn one of MLA's specializations.

            • Consumer Health Information: improve your health information services for consumers and  find new resources and ideas to serve the public, patients, and families. Apply today for MLA's Consumer Health Information Specialization.
            • Disaster Information: expand your institutional role with MLA's Disaster Information Specialization. Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to support your institution and community in times of disaster or public health emergency. Start with 5 free online courses!


            MLA can help you meet your career goals by connecting you with an experienced heath sciences information professional.  Find or become a mentor with MLA.

            Grants, Scholarships and Fellowships

            MLA offers a variety of funding opportunities to assist qualified students in graduate library science programs and to enable practicing health sciences librarians to pursue professional development.

            Career Center

            Find available jobs in MLA's Career Center.



            Have questions? Please contact the MLA Professional Development Department.


            MLA Webinars

            Basic Statistics for Research Design